Are You Wet Season Ready Cairns?

Wet season and cyclone tree services Cairns are an annual event at Trims NQ. Each summer Cairns and North Queensland receives a monsoonal deluge. Some years we also have tropical cyclones. Needless to say, both of these factors can cause significant tree, vegetation and property damage. When combined, the results can be catastrophic. Large trees can fall on houses and cars. Heavy branches can smash into roofs and decks and trees with shallow roots can simply topple over. We’ve all seen it happen. That’s why your planning each year, should include booking our wet season and cyclone tree services Cairns. Our arborist is an expert at identifying diseased and damaged trees and limbs, as well as tree rot. He can also inspect your tree, checking branches for signs of stress or breakage. By booking precautionary wet season and cyclone tree services Cairns, you’re minimising the chance of falls when the weather turns wild. Call Terry on 0456 621 127 or

Wet Season Tree Services Cairns

If you have a large tree in or around your property, its integrity can be impacted by heavy rain, leading to collapse, which can cause catastrophic damage. Similarly, some large and/or aging trees may not have the structural integrity to withstand cyclonic winds. In both of these instances, it’s always best to book an inspection prior to summer. This enables us to assess your tree and complete any tree removal Cairns services required, prior to the arrival of the wet.

The Trims NQ wet season tree services Cairns include tree inspections and advice, tree and palm trimming and tree removals. This is best done before the rains arrive. As working on a tree in the wet can be dangerous for people and property. Please note that preventative action can save you serious dollars down the track. Trims NQ are fully insured, we provide free quotes, have competitive rates and offer pensioner discounts. For more information, contact us today on 0456 621 127 or

Cyclone and Emergency Tree Removal Cairns

Cyclone and emergency tree removal services Cairns are handled efficiently and effectively by the team at Trims NQ. We have the expertise, equipment and personnel needed to respond to your tree emergency. Based in Freshwater we’re able to deploy across the city and all surrounding suburbs. Whether it’s cleaning up a smashed tree branch or cutting up and removing a fallen tree, we can do it all. No project too big or small.

Trims NQ offer a one stop shop cyclone and emergency tree removal service Cairns, including tree cutting, stump grinding, wood chipping and site clean-up. So, don’t just shout ‘timber’ when the tree falls down, call Terry at Trims NQ on 0456 621 127. We’re fully insured and work for residential, commercial and government clients. We’re the team you can trust with your cyclone and emergency tree removal services Cairns.


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