Palm Tree Trimming Cairns

Palm tree trimming Cairns, across the northern beaches and all surrounding regions, is a core service at Trims NQ. Palm trees of all shapes and sizes are beloved by landscapers, home gardeners and commercial property owners for their truly tropical appeal and style. However, some palm trees can get big, very big, with massive fronds frequently falling and becoming a hazard. That’s when you need to call us for our professional palm tree trimming Cairns services. We don’t use spikes and won’t damage your palms. All projects are assessed by a professional arborist who is trained to care for trees and palms. We’ll plan your project to ensure the safety of people and palms. Trims NQ are working at height specialists and we’re used to climbing high during our palm tree trimming Cairns services. We also do coconut de-nutting. We work for residential, commercial and government clients, located across Cairns and all surrounding regions. Trims NQ are fully insured and are pleased to provide free quotes, competitive rates and pensioner discounts for all our palm tree trimming Cairns services. Contact us today on 0456 621 127 or

Palm Tree Trimming Cairns

Palm tree trimming Cairns is almost an essential service which is best left to the professionals, especially for large species. Bismark Palms are popular for their striking silver foliage and architectural appearance. They get big and are beautiful; fronds should be trimmed carefully to avoid narrowing of the trunk. Foxtail Palms are another common species seen around Cairns and need to be climbed for trimming, to avoid trunk and palm damage. Trims NQ can provide a regular or one-off palm tree trimming Cairns service, tailored to your specific species, location and requirements.

Did you know that palm trees can be targeted and attacked by termites? They may appear healthy but be completely hollow inside, which can lead to catastrophic property damage if unnoticed and untended. If you have large species on your property, it’s best to get at least annual inspections and palm tree trimming Cairns services. Trims NQ can help.

Coconut De-Nutting & Trimming Cairns Services

Coconut de-nutting Cairns is another essential service provided by Trims NQ. We say essential, because coconuts can weigh between 1 – 2kg. They are like cannon balls when falling from a height, which is a massive danger for private, commercial and public property owners. Trims NQ is pleased to provide coconut de-nutting Cairns services to clients across the region. We recommend this is conducted regularly, for maximum peace of mind, but we can also be booked for one-off palm tree trimming and coconut de-nutting projects and services.

Costs vary, pending the size and location, equipment and personnel requirements and quantity of fronds and/or coconuts needing to be removed. All of our palm tree trimming Cairns and coconut de-nutting projects are completed with attention to detail and safety. We leave the site tidy and will recycle materials, wherever possible for garden mulch. We service clients across the city and surrounds, contact us today for a free quote.


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