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Stump removal Cairns specialists are Trims NQ. We pride ourselves on offering honest advice and excellent work, completed with attention to detail and safety.

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Trims NQ have an industrial stump grinder, which enables us to complete even the most difficult of jobs. Working across the city, Tablelands and North Queensland.

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Trims NQ provide a free inspection and quote service for all jobs. We offer pensioner discounts and have competitive rates. Contact Terry today on 0456 621 127.

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Protect your property from pests. Remove your tree stump today. We can help. Stump removal and stump grinding services.

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Stump removal Cairns specialists are Trims NQ. We provide a comprehensive, all access stump removal and grinding service. What does that mean? It means we have the skills, expertise and equipment needed, to remove your stump, no matter where it’s located. Against the fence, in the corner, on a slope or by the pool or driveway. Trims NQ have succeeded where other companies have failed. Our tree stump removal Cairns services cover all types of trees, palms and plants. We’ve removed mango and lychee tree stumps, palm and coconut tree stumps, hardwood stumps and more.

Stump removal Cairns is usually booked and completed in conjunction with tree removal, however we also provide this as a standalone service. It is important to remove stumps from the ground, for several reasons. Perhaps the most important of which is to avoid the entrance of pests and disease into your garden and even your home. Rotting stumps do attract a variety of critters, fungus and even bacteria. Left untreated this can spread, which is why you want to use our stump removal Cairns services.

Our arborist will assess the stump for any ‘problem’ signs and check surrounding trees. He will complete your stump removal Cairns and provide advice on any action needed. All sites are left clean, tidy and hazard free. Trims NQ can even provide advice on the best types of tree to plant in its place.


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Trims NQ is fully insured and provides tree stump removal Cairns services across the city and all surrounding areas.

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When removing a stump, there’s two options. Tree stump removal and stump grinding. Many people don’t know the difference, so we’re pleased to provide a quick explanation. Stump removal Cairns is removing the tree stump and all its associated roots. While this is labour intensive and can cause interference with surrounding plants, pending the nature of the tree stump, it does provide you with a ‘clean slate’ at the end. So, you can level the ground off, replant, pave over or simply let the grass grow.

Stump grinding Cairns focusses on actually grinding the stump, leaving woodchips. At Trims NQ we use an industrial stump grinder for this, the Vermeer SC352, affectionately known as ‘stumpy’. It enables us to stump grind up to 55cm high and 35cm below the ground. We also have smaller equipment, for hard to access places. Trims NQ provide tree stump removal Cairns services to residential, commercial and government clients.

For more information on our stump removal Cairns services, contact Terry on 0456 621 127. Trims NQ have competitive rates, pensioner discounts, free quotes and quality workmanship.

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